portable Tracker

VigilBox Oval Portable Location Tracker with Panic Button

  • Real-Time Tracking – Track any loved one or an asset in real-time and get detailed reporting on your smartphone.
  • Reduces multiple communication steps to just one button press, instantly alert your loved ones to your location and nature of emergency.
  • Designed for the outdoors – long battery life (active usage), standby time in months (no power button), dust and water resistant.
  • Give Oval to your loved ones (elderly parents, your spouse, children, or pets) to always know where they are.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking & Immobiliser – VigilBox VB2000

  • Real-Time Tracking with One Touch Immobilisation.
  • 360-degree vigilance at your fingertips.
  • Dynamic Geo Fencing- Geo-fencing is a crucial feature that makes VigilBox better than other location tracking and vehicle safety solutions out there in the market.
  • One click control of a vehicle or Fleet- VigilBox fleet management solution helps you stay in control of your fleet always.
  • 24/7 support and Excellent after sales service, with Extraordinary Replacement Warranty of 3 years