Portable Tracker

Product Description

VigilBox Oval is a GPS based standalone location tracker and emergency response button, designed for active outdoors usage. It is a useful device to carry. It provides one touch emergency alerts and is designed to not run out of battery, unlike your phone.The Oval operates standalone and does not depend on a phone to operate or send alerts. You need to have a smartphone for receiving alerts through an app. Our advanced pattern recognition technology is always alert to security incidents related to your loved ones and alerts you in a manner commensurate with the severity of the alert. Oval is an elliptical cylinder, 8 cm tall, 4.3 cm wide, and 4 cm deep. It weighs around 125 gms.

Use Cases:

Tracker for women

Track your pet

Track your child

Tracker for Elderly People

Track your Car

Product Information

Product Dimensions 43 x 40 x 80 mm
Model Oval
Item Weight 125 g
Batteries 3300 mah
Batteries Included Yes
Included Components 1 Device, 1 User Manual
Warranty and Support

Warranty for a period of 12 months.